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Kodiak Super-6™ Tarp with Pole Set

Kodiak Super-6™ Tarp with Pole Set

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Super-6™ Tarp with Pole Set

Canvas Tarp แบบหกเหลี่ยม เคลือบ Hydra-Shield™ 
ทนแดด ทนฝน ทนลม ขนาด 4.5 x 4 m. มาพร้อมเสาอลูมิเนียม22mm.

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While spending time outdoors, there are few items as essential as a quality tarp. The Super-6™, six-sided tarp provides significant advantages over square tarps. When used as a tent or canapé, the added tie points increase the stability exponentially. The hexagon shape offers more protective shelter along the sides. This tarp and pole set are ideal when you need a large, sturdy shelter, in a relatively light and compact package. Tall, 7.5 ft. poles provide stand up room underneath. The tarp is made with high-performance, Hydra-Shield™, 100% cotton canvas that is watertight and breathable. Included are tarp, poles, stakes, guy ropes, and a convenient carry bag.

• Hexagon-shape.
• Hydra-Shield™, 100% Cotton Duck Canvas. Durable, watertight and breathable.
• Reinforced tie-rings at six corners.
• Two 7.5 ft. tall poles.
• Eight 12-inch tent stakes and guy ropes.
• Duffel-style carry bag.

  • Spec

    • Size: Approx 15 ft. long and 13 ft. wide (156 sq. ft.).
    • Pack Weight:16.75 lbs.
    • Pack Size: 33x7x7 inches.
    • 22 mm dia. Aluminum-alloy poles