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Soto Amicus Cooker Combo

Soto Amicus Cooker Combo

คะแนนอยู่ที่ 0.0 เต็ม 5 ดาว พิจารณาจากรีวิว

● External dimensions

Width 76 x Depth 100 x Height 86 mm (when used / main unit only)
Width 40 x Depth 43 x Height 75 mm (when stored)

● Trivet diameter

Gotoku outer diameter φ106mm Gotoku inner diameter φ42mm 

● Weight

81g (main unit only) 

● Calorific value * 1

3.0kW (2,600kcal / h)

● Usage time * 2

Approximately 1.5 hours (when using one SOD-725T)

Approximately 0.7 hours (when using one SOD-710T)

● Container used

Container for new Fuji burner products and SOTO products

● Ignition method

Piezoelectric ignition method

● Material

Burner / appliance plug knob: Stainless steel, Ignition switch: Resin

● Accessories

Storage pouch