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SET BLACK IGT 4 Unit 40cm

SET BLACK IGT 4 Unit 40cm

SKU: FES-129

SET BLACK IGT 4 Unit พร้อมขา 40cm  4ต้น

• Snowpeak Limited Festival Spring 2021


A set of black ITG Frame Long and 4 sets of 400 legs. This set gives cool impression as limited edition of IGT. The frame is for 4 unit size.             

* Due to the specifications of the legs, the paint may come off on the  connecting part on the IGT legs with the Frame.


IGT Frame

● Material : Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel

● Size : 1,096 x 496 x 30 (h) mm                                       


● Material : Stainless Steel, Resin

● Size : φ 25 x 410 mm