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Soto Foldable Lantern

Soto Foldable Lantern

คะแนนอยู่ที่ 0.0 เต็ม 5 ดาว พิจารณาจากรีวิว
SKU: ST-213

● Dimensions

Diameter 136 x height 375 mm (when used), diameter 136 x height 225 mm (when stored)

● Weight

1.25kg (main unit only)

● Illuminance *

When using 450 lux (equivalent to 200 W) ST-760, when using 350 lux (equivalent to 180 W) ST-700

● Fuel used

SOTO product dedicated container (CB can)

● Usage time

Approximately 4.0 hours (when using ST-760), approximately 4.5 hours (when using ST-700)

● Ignition method

Piezoelectric ignition method

● Material

Body case: Resin, Half screen squirt: Heat-resistant glass, Head cover: Steel (heat-resistant paint), Combustion tower / frame: Stainless steel

● Accessories

1 mantle